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The Best Gold IRA Companies

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Investing in gold?

Rolling Over To a Gold or Silver IRA

Worried about devaluation of the dollar? Very worried about the economy? Concerned about China and India buying Gold? Looking to put 1/3 or more of your portfolio into metals?

You are not alone! Many clients who called precious metals companies felt the same. They were very concerned and ready to diversify their assets.

Deciding to rollover your IRA or 401k to a Gold or Silver IRA is usually not a tough choice for most people. What stops people from doing so is trying to find the best company to work with. Not all of them are created equally.

If you are ready to move forward quickly then we suggest you go with most reputable precious metals company we can recommend. They have a superb reputation online and take great care in educating you along the entire rollover process.  Still skeptical? Then we suggest you read the competition’s complaints on the BBB report, the complaints board, trustlink, and various other credible review & rating sites out there.

Here are the Top 4 Questions You Should Be Asking Gold IRA Companies

IRA Setup Fees and Storage Fees

Some charge additional storage fees for the first year along with other admin fees and some don’t.  Most of the Gold IRA companies in the industry have a scaling administration fee schedule which can cost clients more as the account value increases.

Be cautious, ask about exact storage fees, they may tell you its a flat fee but as your account grows or you add additional funds to it, you may go over the flat fee storage limit which could cost you thousands of dollars over the course of your storage duration.  Go with the flat storage fee company we recommend below.  They will even pay for your first year’s administration fee as well.

Type Of Precious Metals – (Bullion Vs. Coins)

Make sure you buy the right kind of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) that are acceptable for IRAs and choose the custodian that can offer the best secure storage facilities to protect your assets.  Obviously, this is a tough choice and there’s pros and cons for Gold Bullion vs. Gold Coins (rare/collectibles).

You need to watch out for any Gold IRA companies pushing you for one specific type of metal.  It various by each company but if your account rep is pushing you or trying to bait and switch to sell you particular coins, they probably make higher profit margins on them, so they are not looking out for your best interest.  Be cautious! There are a lot of bad reviews out there from people who felt they were being taken by this.

Buyback Program

Does the company offer a Gold or Silver coin buy back program?  What happens when you want to unload your precious metals? Will you get fair value in return?  Make sure you are comfortable dealing with a Gold IRA company when you are buying as well as when you are ready to liquidate your assets.  Trust your gut instinct and go with the company who has your best interest and is not just looking to turn a profit from your sale.

Drawbacks and Decisions

Choosing the wrong company can cost you additional fees in the long run and can create a headache through their time consuming process. Most companies in the precious metals business take over 30 days to deliver and as long as 90 days in some cases. When rolling over to a Gold IRA account, always consult a professional to help you roll over the funds and help you with any tax issues in the future.

Here are Top 3 Complaints via Rating Websites

1. People feel like they were “taken” by fast talking sales representatives who are looking for one thing – their commission from your transaction!

2. Too aggressive sales tactics. Calling and pestering clients to make decisions as soon as possible. We get that account representatives are hustling to earn your commission but they shouldn’t rush you when you are not ready yet.  Most clients with an average $30k – $250k are investing their ENTIRE life savings and they want answers and peace of mind before moving forward.  This is why we recommend Regal Assets company to hold your hand through the investing process. Their reputation is outstanding – all written from real client experiences.

3. Account representatives recommending precious metals that have a bigger profit margin for the company vs. benefiting their clients. The complaints come from clients who felt they were not given the right advice from the beginning.  This is why it’s crucial for you to go with the honest company from the start.  Ask yourself, when you are ready to sell your gold or silver back to the company, will they treat you the same? treat your fairly? or do they even have buy back program?  Do your own due diligence!