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Flat Fees vs Scaled Accounts

    Important Notes for Those Investing $250,000+

    The biggest difference in pricing and fees will be if the Gold IRA Company charges a flat or scaled fee. Take a look at this table to understand what happens if you’re maintaining an IRA account with a scaled account fee (Assuming 0.1% account fee).

    Investment Amount Flat Annual Fees Scaled Account (*0.1%)
    $250,000 $250 $250
    $500,000 $250 $500
    $1,000,000 $250 $1000
    $10,000,000 $250 $10,000

     If you’re on a scaled account fee you’ll end up paying 2x to 40x more VS an account with a flat fee. Even if you’re thinking about investing less than $250,000 today your account value will naturally grow due to inflation and appreciation on precious metals.

    Unfortunately most of the Gold IRA companies have a scaling administration fee schedule which can cost you more as the account value increases. Our advice: Pick a Gold IRA company with a flat annual fee.

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