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Flat Fees vs Scaled Accounts

Are you thinking about investing more than $250,000 to a gold Backed IRA? Read more about the difference between “Flat fees” vs “scaled accounts” to understand what it means for your investment. Picking the right Gold IRA Company could save you $1000s/year.

Take a look at this table to understand what happens if you’re maintaining an IRA account with a scaled account fee (Assuming 0.1% account fee). 

Investment Amount Flat Annual Fees Scaled Account (*0.1%)
$250,000 $250 $250
$500,000 $250 $500
$1,000,000 $250 $1000
$10,000,000 $250 $10,000

If you’re on a scaled account fee you’ll end up paying 2x to 40x more VS an account with a flat fee. Even if you’re thinking about investing less than $250,000 today your account value will naturally grow due to inflation and appreciation on precious metals.

One of the companies we recommend is Regal Assets. Regal offer a flat annual IRA fee and have a special portfolio for $250,000 investments, specifically designed for each investor to ensure your financial goals. They even have a guarantee on your long term wealth building.